Affiliated with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia – PCFA

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Local Businesses Support Prostate Cancer

Our aim is to promote awareness of prostate cancer in the community and raise funds for research.

September is International Prostate Cancer Awareness month and the Northern Beaches Prostate Cancer Support Group organises events to increase public awareness and inform the community that a simple PSA blood test could lead to early detection and save a man’s life.  3,300 Australian men a year die from Prostate Cancer and 20,000 Australian men a year receive a new diagnosis, that’s 54 a day!

There have been many advances made in the treatment of Prostate Cancer over the last few years and all money we raise will go into research to find new treatment/cure.


Please be assured that the group continues to be supportive of our members during this difficult time, the newsletter will still be produced and if you need any help please reach out to the committee members.

  • Meetings

  • Our monthly meetings usually take place from February to December on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm and are currently being held at the North Narrabeen Baptist Church, 13 Grenfell Street, North Narrabeen.

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Wondering how to get information about Prostate Cancer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches?

Our friendly, voluntary Support Group is here to help!

At our monthly meetings you can hear our speakers bring us up to date on the latest treatment options and talk with men who have experienced the same situation.
While members of the group do not provide medical advice they can provide emotional support to men and their families

 Be sure to visit the Prostate Cancer Check List document

The Group has members from Manly to Palm Beach and the Pacific coast to the Roseville Bridge and everyone is welcome.
Carers are welcomed at the meetings. In addition there is from time to time a separate session to address their own issues. These are conducted by a volunteer professional counsellor.

 Previous newsletters are available on our Archives page